Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY Felt Rose Ring Bearer Pillow

Since my son is going to be a ring bearer for the first time in his Aunt's wedding, I wanted to make him a special ring bearer pillow. I used the felt rose pattern from The Purlbee. Those roses are so easy and cute, no need to make up something new. I chose white and dark red to match the decor, but this could easily be changed to what ever colors were necessary. Andie over at American Felt and Craft has compiled a great Pin board of felt flower tutorials HERE. You can modify the center flowers to match a wedding theme. 

The Ingredients: 

-3 Felt Purlbee roses in the color of your choice

- Felt Pillow Square front and back, mine is about 7 inches on each side

- Ribbon for tying rings, about 18 inches long, I used organdy but satin works well. Use a lighter to lightly seal the edges of the ribbon to keep it from running.

-Ribbon for holding the pillow on the underside, 8.5 inches long. I used 1.5 inch wide satin ribbon

-Coordinating embroidery floss

-Polyfil Stuffing

The Recipe: 

Find the center of your pillow top piece and sew the ring ribbon (folded in half) with an X. 

Next, stitch together the three roses to form a small bunch. 

Position the rose bunch over the ring ribbon. Be sure to pull the ribbon up through the center between the flowers. Stitch the roses in place on the front pillow piece. 

Mark the back pillow piece where the hand hold ribbon needs to go to be evenly centered.

Start sewing your front and back pillow pieces together. When you get to the marked spot where the ribbon goes, keep a half inch of the ribbon down between the felt and carefully sew it between the layers. 

Keep sewing around to the opposite side and attach the other end of the holder ribbon to the back. Make sure you angle your needle down when you sew through the ribbon so it doesn't stitch through the top. 

As a special detail, I embroidered the wedding date and the bride and groom's initials on the back for a personalized touch before I finished sewing the pillow up.

When you get half way through sewing the final side of the pillow, add all the stuffing. Use a stuffing dowel to make sure the fluff gets into all the corners. Finish sewing the pillow shut. 

 The back of the completed pillow, 

and the front. This pillow is easy, pretty and inexpensive while creating a special hand sewn keepsake.

Happy Wedding Crafting!



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