Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pineapple Slices Tutorial

February isn't exactly the time of year for pineapple, but it's tropical taste reminds me of summer and I had an abundance of yellow felt, so pineapple slices were next on my list of felt creations.

The Ingredients:

I was making 6 slices so I used:

-6 yellow felt wedges (the long sides of the wedge are about 3" long)
-12 yellow felt side pieces
-6 green felt rind pieces
-about 24 small tan felt triangles for the detail on the rind
-Embroidery Floss to match felt

The Recipe:

First, attach each little tan triangle to the green rind piece. I wanted to get the little pieces secure so I didn't get them all over the place. A simple "X" on each triangle should do.

Next, I back stitched a design to look like ribbing to give the pineapple some texture. I only did a few stitch on this slice, which was my first, but added a few more veins on my subsequent slices.

Then, attach the first side with a whip stitch. . .

and the second side, too.

Add the second triangle piece now that the sides are attached.

Insert the stuffing, though not too much as you don't want a swollen looking pineapple wedge.

Now sew on the rind piece to the back of the stuffed pineapple wedge, and you are done! Complete this same process for the remaining slices.

This also completes my Valentine's Day lunch set!

On that note, it's time for my little cook and I to have a real lunch!


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