Friday, February 11, 2011

Pasta Making 101

Last week, a mama mentioned that it was hard to find vegetarian play food.  A look around Amazon and Etsy revealed she was right. So, to fill that gap and go with my grilled eggplant dinner, I made some whole wheat farfelle (AKA bowtie) pasta. This is a great project because it is super easy and can be made from tan felt scraps so it doesn't require a whole lot of new material. 

The Ingredients:

-Tan felt rectangle, this one is about an inch by two inches. If you have younger children, you can use bigger rectangles for a more exaggerated size so that your pasta isn't a choking hazard. You can make as many as you like, I made twenty.
-Embroidery Floss to match

The Recipe: 

 First, we need to cut the points at the ends of the pasta. If you have pinking shears, you can use those. Otherwise, fold your rectangle piece in half and cut triangles out like I did here.

Once you have all your points on your pastas, it's time to sew them together. You are going to want to pinch the pasta together in the center: 

This gives the pasta that bowtie look. Now you are going to take tan floss and put a stitch through the center of the pasta piece.

Go through the center of the pasta several times so that the pinched part is really secure. Have your stitches come in and out through about the same place so they aren't super obvious. 

Repeat this process for the rest of your pasta pieces and that is it! Super easy project that only requires a little bit of felt and floss. 

Here are a few more pasta pieces on a plate:

Enjoy! Happy Felt Fooding!


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  1. Oh, my gosh, those are adorable. I think I can handle pasta! That sounds like a good place to start.


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