Sunday, February 6, 2011

Personalized Lunch Bags For Holding Your Felt Treats

Once my Valentine's Day lunch was complete, it still seemed like something was missing. How about a bag with the recipient's name for carting around your felt food? I know one of my toddler's favorite games is taking the felt food in and out of the felt grocery bag I made him. Mostly out. And mostly all over the floor. :)

The Ingredients:

-2 rectangle pieces, these measured 13 inches long and 9.5 inches wide
-1 bottom rectangle piece, 3 inches long and 9.5 inches wide
-2 triangle pieces, 3 inches wide at the base
-Felt letters
-Velcro strips for bag closure
-Embroidery Floss to match the color of the bag, lettering, and Velcro
I did my bag in red, but you could use any color you like.

The Recipe:

First things first, attach the letters to the front panel, a little more than half way down. I used a back stitch and left the edges open, but you could also do a whip or blanket stitch. It is almost always easier to attach the embellishments first, before construction.

Once your letters are affixed, sew the bottom piece on to both the front and back panels.

After your bottom panel is attached, sew on one side triangle. . .

and then the other. Next, fold the front panel back over and lay your bag flat. Pin the bag together like this:

Then, cut off about the first 2 inches off the top of the front panel. This will give us a flap that will fold over to close the bag. Position Velcro.

Sew Velcro in place. Use the same thread as your bag for the top Velcro piece so that the stitches are less conspicuous when the flap is closed.

Now, starting back at the triangle at the bottom, stitch all the way up the right side,

then the left. Our bag is almost done!

If you were pressed for time or patience, you can leave the edges around your bag top unfinished, but I did a quick whip stitch all the way around.

And there you have it, our completed lunch bag! You could probably carry some real snacks in this bag, too.

Happy Felt Fooding!


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