Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Potato, Two Potato

My Friend Yuliya over at She Suggests has a daughter who is turning one soon. So, I'm making a Russian themed play food set as a birthday present. So far, I have pull-apart cabbage:

And now I'm adding a couple of potatoes. Keep an eye out for some beets to come!

The Ingredients:

-4 kidney shaped tan felt pieces, top and bottom for two potatoes
-Embroidery Floss to match

That's it! This one is super simple!

The Recipe:

First, we want to make "eyes" for our potato. For simple indents, make small stitches all over the potato, pulling the thread taunt after each stitch so the felt puckers slightly. Do this to both potato pieces. Alternatively, you could also do French Knots for eyes, as well:

After you have all your eyes. it's time to sew the potato together.

When you get most of the way around the potato, add stuffing.

Finish stitching around your potato. All done!

Happy Felt Fooding!



  1. I love these, so cute! Where do you buy your felt, I would really like to make these for my lil' one! <3 Sarah

  2. And VODKA don't forget about the vodka!

  3. Sarah, I've been getting my felt locally at a Joann Fabrics. I do like this felt food inspired felt collection from American Felt and Craft: http://stores.americanfeltandcraft.com/-strse-352/Felt-Food-Primer-20/Detail.bok
    I loved the birth story on your blog! My mom gave birth to my youngest brother outside in my parents' hot tub, too ;-)


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