Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday--Puppy Love

I'm sure my Facebook fans are tired of me posting about my new dog. But look at that face! How can I not gush about such an adorable creature? This post is dedicated to Sadie, my Golden Retriever lady. 

Fourth of July fell during Sadie's first week home. I made her a festive red, white and blue dog bed to commemorate. The fleece was felt over from my Ikea Kura bed curtains and the letters for her name are glued and sewn for durability. You can find a tutorial for the no-sew pillow HERE

Sleepy puppy, shiny floor.

I'm pretty convinced that Goldens are the smilest, happiest dogs on the planet. 

A (Birthday) boy, his dog and his awesome new Mustang (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!). 

My matching golden pets. Don't let the cat fool you, he (not so secretly) loves the puppy. 

A run through the sprinklers cools even the hottest dog. 

Welcome to our family, Sadie! And thanks to your adorable face for making me mildly obsessed with pet photography.



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