Monday, March 11, 2013

Super Mario Quiet Book

An upcoming family vacation has sent me searching for ways to entertain my 3 year old on a plane. Enter the Super Mario Quiet Book. I did not make a pattern for this book because honestly, it disrupts my creative process. Most of this if done free hand or by using clip art or coloring pages as item patterns. There are several Super Mario Bros themed fonts that can be downloaded for free for the lettering. I used more glue than stitches for this particular project. 

For the first page, Mario needs to get dressed before he can set out for an adventure. All these pieces I cut free hand. There are Velcro pieces for the hat, pants, shirt, overalls, shoes and gloves (not shown). The clothing all fit in Mario's hamper on the bottom right of the page. 

 Next, count the coins from the coin box. All ten coins fit inside the box which is a little pocket. 

You can help the mushroom decide which cap to wear with this color recognition game. Each cap Velcros to the blank, cream colored mushroom. 

Yoshi is waiting to hatch out of his egg and join Mario. I made the egg just as it looks, the egg shape first then cutting the zig zag down the center. 

The Yoshi stuffie was designed off of a coloring page I found. The body and face are sewn and the eyes, arms and belly are glued. 

Lastly, help Mario find matching pairs under the red flaps. There is a coin, star, Yoshi egg, and a traveling pipe. This could be made more challenging by using Velcro under the items instead of glue so they can be moved around. 

Don't let the Piranha plant at the very end of the book get you! 

I added light weight pieces of white poster board in between each page as I sewed them together to give the book some shape. The spine is two layers. All of the pages are sewn to the spine first layer and then the edges of the front and back cover are sewn to the second spine layer. 

Overall, I'm really please with how this came out. I hope my little guy likes it and it keeps him entertained!


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