Saturday, March 2, 2013

A First Foray Into Newborn Photography

My friend Melinda gave birth to a sweet baby girl the day before Valentine's Day. Little Lana arrived 4 minutes before the midwife, caught by her mama with barely enough time to get in the birth tub set up in their bedroom. I came to visit when Lana was two weeks and two days old, bringing lunch and my camera. I had not done any newborn photography before but I was definitely eager to try. Since she was already past the sleepy newborn stage, she was alert and wide eyed most of the time I was there. I'm pretty happy with some  of the moments I caught and this really made me excited to photograph my friend Helen's home birth later this month (hopefully)! 

I made this shamrock headband following this tutorial from Paper&Ink

I also made this heart with her name.

You can almost feel her whisper soft hair.

I love baby feet!

Lana's big sister Kaelyn was a baby when I met her mom at La Leche League 4 years ago. She will probably always be that bald headed baby, just learning to crawl, in my mind.  

I made these matching heart headbands for the girls. 

Despite Melinda's husband Matt being a perennial jokester, the photos of him and Lana were some of my favorites and I happen to think these two look quite a bit alike. 

And lastly, we can't forget Barley, the family dog. The clicking of my camera made him a little nervous but he still kept valiant watch over the newest member of the family.  

Thank you so much to Melinda and Matt for letting me come over and fuel my latest photography obsession!


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  1. What beautiful photos! I love how excited the big sister is. :)


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