Thursday, February 3, 2011

Banana Slices Tutorial

These cute little banana slices are super easy to make and are a great addition to a breakfast set. The slices are on the smaller side, so you will want to supervise children under three if they play with them.

The Ingredients:

~ 8 cream felt circles, 1.5 inches in diameter, to make 4 slices
~ Cream and Tan embroidery floss

The Recipe:

The first step is to make the center detail to all the top banana slice circles using tan floss. This starts with a "Y" shaped set of three stitches.

The second step is to make French Knots in between each of the segments of the "Y". Please see my Valentine's Day Cut-Out Cookie tutorial if you need help with French Knots.

Here are all 4 top pieces with the center details. Now it is time to sew them together! Use cream floss and whip stitch around the outside of the two circles.

Add a scant amount of stuffing when you are about 2/3 done sewing the top and bottom pieces together.

And now you have banana slices! Alternatively, you could forgo the center stitching detail and affix small Velcro circles to the centers of the top and bottom pieces. Then you have a slice-able banana!

Happy Felt Fooding!



  1. I love this whole set and would love to buy! Saw the post on Facebook (Woman Uncensored). Do you have an Etsy shop? Or could you make me a set?

  2. Melinda, let me send you an email after the WU auction is over! I don't have an etsy shop but I might have to set one up!


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