Monday, January 24, 2011

Cut-Out Heart Valentine's Day Felt Cookies

Continuing with my heart shaped food kick, I whipped up this batch of jam filled sugar cookies as a yummy dessert for our Valentine's Day lunch. Cookies are a great beginner project if you are looking for a place to start making your own felt goodies!

The Ingredients:

I'm a big fan of using household objects as patterns and for this project, a juice glass was just the right size for our tea cookie. For 6 cookies you will need:

-12 small circles in cream felt for the tops and bottoms of the cookies
-6 small circles in red felt for the jam. I used a mix of strawberry and raspberry.
-Polyfil or batting for 6 cookies
-A few small bells (not mandatory, but fun)
-Embroidery Floss to match felt pieces

The Recipe:

The first step is to cut out the heart from the top layer of our cookie. I started with a heart pattern to trace but quickly found it was easier to fold the circle in half, cut half the heart, and unfold. Each cookie ends up unique that way and I favor cookie individualism. Make sure to save your heart scraps as embellishments for future projects!

Next, I used a whip stitch to attach the jam circle to the top cut-out layer of the cookie. I also trimmed the jam circle slightly so that the felt didn't quite come to the edge. If you wanted more of a sandwich look with the jam poking through, you can leave the jam circle the same as your top and bottom pieces.

If you want to make seeds in your strawberry jam, you can add French knots or small stitches to the jam piece. I did a little variety of each. If you need help with a French knot, watch this helpful video.

Now, line up your top piece with the bottom and sew 2/3 of the way closed. Add stuffing or batting and continue to sew all the way around the cookie.

After I was a few cookies in, I decided to add a bell in with the stuffing to make for a more interesting sensory toy for my toddler. Careful not to over stuff as it will mute the bell.

And they are done! Be sure to enjoy these with your little cookie monster. Thankfully, felt jam is less sticky than the real thing!


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