Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Peas In A Pod

A couple weeks ago I made a Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry for Amanda to review over at Too Blessed To Be Stressed. Meanwhile, I thought I would do a tutorial for the pea pods I made for the set and throw in a few fun variations (including my favorite, Jingle Peas) for all your felt pea pod making needs. 

The Ingredients:

-3 pea pods in dark green felt. I cut mine folded and made a taper at the end. Unfolded here, they are lemon shaped. Each pod is about 3.5 inches long and about an inch wide when folded.

-6 strips of light green felt for the peas. These are about 3 inches long and a half inch wide.

-3 small bells for Jingle Peas

-Embroidery Floss to match

The Recipe: 

We are going to start by making our peas first. Start by tightly rolling up a strip of the light green felt. Stop when you get about an inch from the end.

Then, squish the rolled over portion in half so that it has a rounder shape.

Sew a few stitches through the center of the squished rolled part so that it stays in place. 

Leaving your thread and needle still attached, fold over the remaining flap over the sewn squished rolled part (that makes sense, right?).

Now, make a running stitch all the way around the open end and pull tightly to pucker and knot off to secure.

Next, sew the end of the flap down, working towards the remaining open end of the pea.

Sewn another set of running stitches on last side,

 and pull tightly to close up the pea. 

Now, repeat this process with the five other strips of light green felt so there are 6 felt peas. 

Now, it is on to pea pods. For the first pod, work from the tapered corner and whip stitch the pod shut with three felt peas inside. This is a good way to make the pods if you have a child who would mouth the small peas.

Next come the Jingle Peas! Instead of the felt peas, sew the pod shut with three bells on the inside. These musical veggies will be a hit with little ones. 

For our last pea pod, we'll leave the pod mostly open so the peas can come in and out. Starting at the taper, sew the pod together for about an inch. Then, whip stitch just one side of the felt until you get an inch from the other end. Then sew the last inch with the felt together. 

Lastly, whip stitch through the other side of the pea pod until you reach the point where the felt meets so the entire pod is stitched. 

Ta-da! Now we have a completed pea pod with removable peas. Time to add the peas to our playset. . .


Happy Felt Fooding!


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