Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mamas DO Deserve a Gold Star

First, I must apologize for the lack of June postings. Since the weather had finally decided to be nice after about 9 months of winter, I had to step away from the felt and computer. I would like to thank the Natural Parents Network for hosting my giveaway and guest post this month. Now, on to my latest project, Birthing Star magnets!

After a recent conversation with a friend about her home birth, she jokingly insisted that she wanted her proverbial "gold star" for having a natural birth. I (half) jokingly told her I would make her one out of felt. After I made the Home Birth Super Star magnet, I expanded to several other designs: 

The VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) Super Star

I made the Breech Birth All-Star magnet, complete with baby bum, with Cherylyn from Mamas and Babies in mind.  

HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean)

Cesarean Section Moms Rock! They also got the biggest heart of all the designs. 

Twin Birth All-Star was made for Lauren. You can read about her awesome natural hospital twin birth here.

There are a couple moms I was thinking of when I made the UC (unassisted childbirth) Waterbirth Super Star magnet. Kasie (check out her adorable handmade hair bows at Miss P's Bowtique) had her youngest son at home unassisted in water, as did Guggie of The Guggie Daily.

I just added the Surprise UC Waterbirth Star for Lauren of Hobo Mama. Her son Alrik was born a few minutes before the midwives arrived. You can read a bit about his birth here.

Sometimes babies come before the birth tub can be filled, before the midwives arrive. This Surprise UC Home Birth magnet was made for Dionna of Code Name: Mama. Her Daughter Ailia was born in a speedy 2.5 hours with just Daddy and Big Brother. How intimate! I still need to make a planned UC Home Birth magnet, too.

I ended up making 11 designs in all, including Natural Birth All-Star and Water Birth All-Star. Is your baby's birth represented? I'm sure I'm still missing a few others. This was such a fun way to celebrate all the ways babies come into this world, and the mamas who work so hard to get them there. 



  1. We had a uc but it was while standing, not in water. :)

  2. So many contingencies, Genie! I need just an Unassisted Birth magnet. I hope you like the homebirth one!

  3. Looking forward to the Unassisted Birth magnet :)


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