Friday, July 1, 2011

Red, White and Blueberry Brownie Felt Food Dessert Tutorial

Fourth of July is finally upon us! What picnic or BBQ would be complete without a patriotic colored treat? Here is an easy felt food dessert, the Red, White, and Blueberry Brownie. 

The Ingredients: 

-2 dark brown felt squares, about 2.25 inches for each side
-1 dark brown felt brownie side piece, about a half inch wide by 12 inches long which will give you more than you need.
-2 red felt strawberry pieces. These are just free hand in a strawberry shape, about 1.25 inches long and an inch wide at the biggest spot. 
-1 white felt hexagon whipped cream piece. Each side is about 1.25 inches long.
-THREE dark blue felt circles. Only two are pictured, but you really need three for balance. These are 1.25 inches in diameter. 
-Embroidery floss to match

The Recipe: 

We'll start by making our brownie toppings first. The purple lines on the whipped cream hexagon are cut lines, about a half inch long. 

Once you have your lines cut in the whipped cream, round the right edge of each of the sides, so you have this flower looking piece. 

Starting with the pointed left edge, sew through all the pointed edges, gathering as you go. 

Pull your thread tighter to bring all the points of the whipped cream to the center. 

Once you have your whipped cream taut, I sew around once more through all the pointed edges to make sure  the stitch is sturdy then knot off. 

Next let's make the strawberry. The first time I made this, I used white thread and made French knots for the seeds. 

This time, I'm using tan thread to make small stitches all over the top and bottom pieces of the strawberry. 

Sew the two strawberry sides together and lightly stuff as you go. 

Strawberry is complete! Next comes the blueberries.

Sew a running stitch all around the outer edge of the blue felt circle. 

When you get back to your starting place, add stuffing and gather the thread.

Pull tightly to close off the blueberry. I put a few stitches through the bottom of the berry to make sure it is securely shut. Repeat this for the three other blueberries. 

Sew some stitches through the bottoms of your blueberries to form a little bunch and keep the berries secure. 

All of our toppings are done! Now, on to brownie construction.

First, sew the whipped cream to the middle of the first dark brown felt square. Be sure to only stitch through the bottom of the whipped cream so that it maintains it's puffy shape.

Next, sew on the strawberry next to the whipped cream. I work from the bottom of the strawberry and don't sew the entire way up. Just put in enough stitches to make it secure and let it rest nestled next to the whipped cream piece. 

Lastly, sew the blueberry bunch on the other side of the whipped cream.

Now that all our toppings are on, well, top, sew the side piece of the brownie to the top brownie square. Since there will be a seam where the side piece meets, I started in the back corner behind the whipped cream so the seam isn't obvious. 

Cut any excess side piece when you get back to your starting point and sew the seam together. 

Turn the brownie over and add stuffing. I used some layers of cotton batting because it lays nice and flat but regular polyfil will work too. 

Finally, sew the bottom brownie square to the side piece. All done!

Delish! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Happy Felt Fooding!


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