Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Craft-- Felt Hand Print Owl Stuffed Toy

Oh January, how you have just flown on by! Now that we are several weeks into the New Year, it's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Last year, I posted how to make a heart shaped PB&J felt food sandwich and cut-out heart felt cookies to create a lovey lunch for your little one. This year, I was inspired by a pin I saw on the awesomeness that is Pinterest

You can check out the hand print paper owl craft over at Meet the Dubiens. I thought these owls would be perfect to make into a  felt stuffed animal and I love that the wings commemorate your kiddo's wee hands. I have dubbed him Owlbert Hootsweet. 

The Ingredients:  

-Front and back red felt owl body piece. This I drew free hand. It's 6 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall from the tip top to the bottom. The dip at the top that forms the owl's ear tufts 2 inches deep at it's deepest. 

-Left and Right felt hand tracing "wings". I used red glitter felt for a little sparkle. Be sure to trace each hand over two layers of felt there is a front and back. These don't have to be perfect or even. I liked the "wing" made with the spread fingers a little better myself, though. 

-Two white felt circles for eyes. These circles are 2 inches wide.

-Two small black felt circles for pupils. Mine are about a quarter inch wide.

-One small yellow felt triangle nose. The short side is three-quarters inch and the long sides are just under an inch long.

-Two pink felt heart cut outs for the belly applique. I used this free heart template and the 4 inch wide heart and the 1 inch wide heart.

-Polyfil stuffing

-Matching Embroidery Thread

The Recipe:

First, sew the eye pieces to the owl front body piece. I positioned the white pieces about 1.25 inches in from the edges of the owl's body. Whip stitch a few stitches to attach the pupils to the white circles then sew the eye circles onto the body with a running stitch.

Next, whip stitch the nose piece so that it is nestled in between the two eyes. 

Then, sew on the hearts to make the owl's belly. The little heart is centered on the big heart and the big heart is positioned about and inch down from the bottom tip of the nose. 

Here is our owl so far. Now it's on to the wings. 

Whip stitch around each each hand, sewing the top and bottom pieces together. 

Next, arrange the hand pieces how you would like them on the owl. Mine were about even with the eyes, though you could angle yours down a bit more than mine were. Pin the front and back body pieces together with the wings in place. 

Before I sewed up the body, I quickly embroidered the year on the back of Owlbert in white floss. That way I would always know how old my son was when I traced those hand prints. 

Now, starting in the upper left side of the owl, whip stitch the front and back pieces together. Pay close attention when you sew the wings and be sure to go through all the layers of felt. Keep sewing until you get to the top of the right ear tuft. 

Add stuffing, 

and finish sewing the top shut. 

Ta-da! Owlbert Hootsweet is complete. 

My son and his new owl lovey 

Happy Valentine's Day Felting!



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