Sunday, March 27, 2011

Squishy Squares--Colorful Toddler Dice Tutorial

Board games are big at our house. My husband and I are pretty competitive people and we played Yahtzee incessantly while I was pregnant. Now that my son is a little older, he wants to get in on the board game fun, but regular dice are just too small for him to play with. Enter Squishy Squares--colorful, musical dice to help your toddler with color recognition, counting and, of course, large straight rolling. Thanks go out to my Facebook Fan Maureen who came up with a name for these dice that wouldn't get me sued by Milton-Bradley.

The Ingredients: 

I'm not going to lie. This project is a lot of pieces, mostly small round dots. I didn't spend a ton of time making the dots perfectly round, either. On the upside, this is great for cleaning out your scrap bag because you only need a little bit of each color.

-30 white felt squares, one for each side of five dice. These are 1.5 inches tall.
- Colored felt dots. I did rainbow colors but any color will do. You need 105 dots altogether (5-ones, 10- twos, 15-threes, 20-fours, 25-fives, and 30-sixes)
- 5 bells
-Embroider floss to match

The Recipe: 

 After all your pieces are cut, the first task is to attach all the little dots to the white squares that will be the sides of the dice. I just did a quick "X" on each dot. Do yourself a favor and start with your squares that have 6 dots. If you start with the easy squares that only have one dot, you will be so tired of sewing dots by the time you get to side 6, you will likely want to give up on this project. But if you start with the highest number of dots, you get to sew fewer and fewer dots as you go. 

Once all your little dots are affixed to all the white squares, determine where each side should be by looking at a real die. Side 6 is our top and directly opposite side 1 on the die. 

Using the side 1 as the bottom, sew the other sides to side 1. 

Then, sew up the sides, forming a topless cube. 

Add stuffing and the bell inside the die,

then sew on side 6. 

We now have one completed die. You now get the joy doing these same steps with the four other dice.

Here are all 5 dice finished. Time to test them out!

They definitely have our seal of approval!

Happy Felt Gaming!


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