Friday, September 9, 2011

The Second Best Thing About Living in Reno--Hot Air Balloon Races

The Great Reno Balloon Race takes place the weekend after The Best Thing About Living in Reno aka The Rib Cook-off. Since we are on the verge of plunging into a 9 month long northern Nevada winter, I figured we should get out to enjoy before the cold envelopes us all. 

Although it requires an early wake up (which is not a problem for my early bird son), seeing the morning sky filled with hot air balloons is worth the yawns and extra coffee. 

There are several identifiable character balloons including Smokey the Bear,

and Darth Vader, 

complete with Storm Troopers standing guard. 

The flames from the balloons were a little intense, so Asher enjoyed sitting back and chowing down on Applesauce Spice muffins.

As the balloons move further away, 

we say good-bye. 


We saw this balloon touch down on the street when we were walking home. It's not everyday you see a hot air balloon in your front yard! Thanks for the ballooning fun, Reno! 


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