Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here, Lately

Ah, September. We meet again. The weather is cooling down and the autumn equinox is upon us. You know what that means? 

The Holidays are coming. 

Halloween decorations are already out in stores (and have been since July?!) and we're starting the quick descent down the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year slide. This also means that orders are starting to rev up in my little Etsy Shop (as evidenced by the felt pieces taking over my dining room table above). Since I have never run a toy store during 4th quarter, this may prove to be an interesting (and hopefully busy) experience. It is also likely that I will not have quite as much time to work on this blog or create new items when I'm swamped sewing old ones.  But fear not, I still have a few ideas rattling around in my mommy brain so keep an eye out for a couple holiday themed crafts. You may have also noticed the quality of my photos have not been the best. Our digital camera went to the big lens cap in the sky and we are currently researching new cameras, hopefully something in a DSLR. Everything has been relegated to slightly blurry Iphone pics, which really don't cut it for tutorials. In the camera hunting meantime, I wanted to share a few crappy pictures of  recent projects in case you missed them on the Mama's Felt Cafe Facebook page.

This bottle cozy was made for a friend who was pumping milk for her new little guy but wanted a way to show he was still getting liquid gold in his bottle. It's also great for moms who use donor milk with their babies. By the way, World Milk Sharing Week starts this Saturday, September 24! Human Milk 4 Human Babies~Nevada is looking for milk sharing stories. If you have donated or used donated breast milk, you can share your story for a chance to win a Mama's Milk Carton or a Mama's Milk Bottle Cozy. Find out how to win HERE

Since the aforementioned Fall is on it's way, I felt festive making this felt Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake for a scrumptious pretend dessert. For a real pumpkin swirl cheesecake recipe, see this one. For pie/cake/quiche felt food making basics, please check out the spinach and mushroom quiche tutorial.    

I was very excited to learn this delicious looking platter of tamales and enchiladas was heading off to The Children's Museum of New Hampshire for their Kids' World Cafe exhibit! Since it is not everyday that something you make by hand ends up in a museum, I celebrated by making the two kid sized felt food Flan desserts. 

I believe this flan is an Etsy first! I hope the little ones in Dover, NH enjoy the felt food!

Lastly, this carton of Mama's Milk is headed all the way out to Spain! That is the farthest from home one of my items has traveled. Thankfully, felt milk won't spoil on the journey over the Atlantic!

Happy Felt Fooding!



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