Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday--The Best Thing About Living in Reno

Sorry to all the vegetarians out there--this post might not be for you.

There is a time of year that I look forward to more than Christmas. That's right, it's the annual Best in the West Rib-Cook Off. Each year master BBQ-ers descend on Northern Nevada, providing us with long awaited meat candy. More than 500,000 people come out to celebrate all the grilled goodness. Each BBQ team vies for top honors and a cash prize. There is also a rib eating contest. This years winner ate more than 7.5lbs of ribs! I ate significantly less than that. The ribs pictured above were crafted by Aussom Aussies and were delicious in a raspberry chipolte sauce.   

Hold on to your gall bladders as fried food is also a mainstay of Rib Cook-Off fare. From zucchinis to onion rings to peaches, there isn't much that isn't deep fried. We kept it light with these fresh cooked kettle chips. 

Libations are necessary for washing down all the meaty, fried goodness. This was my one and only drink--a hard lemonade from Great Basin Brewery. That's right, mothers of nursing toddlers occasionally drink booze!

Last but not least, the Rib Cook-Off would not be complete without a messy faced child drinking juice of a questionable nature from a plastic dinosaur bottle, falling asleep for the night on the way home. Ah, barbecue bliss. Until next year, Rib Cook-Off!

Happy Eating!


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  1. Oh, yummers! You had me at deep-fried peaches, lol. No, just joking, but I do love me some barbecue! The way you wrote this, this could totally be their brochure for next year. :)


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